IMG 0579Level 2 is suitable for those with some previous experience of Yoga, or if you are coming back to your practice after a break. The Yoga Postures of Level 2 exert a far reaching effect upon the body as well as the mind. Yoga exercises are psychomatic and so it's observed that these exercises not only influence the body, but one's entire personality. The continuation from Level 1 to Level 2 is a commendable step of your progress. With daily practice you will notice benefits to your body posture, spine and energy levels.

Please have a look here to see the exercises from Level 2 of Yoga in Daily Life. 


 "Problems with blood pressure, back pain and other health complaints all benefit from regular practice. After some time it simply becomes a healthy habit, just like taking a shower - the Yoga practice is something we just do not want to miss"  Swamiji

6 weeks once per week $90/$80 concession | Starts Wednesday 1st May 2019 | 7.30-9pm

For this course we require bookings. You can book online here, or send us money via bank transfer to Yoga in Daily Life, 03-0578-0110564-01.  
Level 2 Course