It was with great shock and deep sadness that we heard in the news on February 14 of the devastating bomb attack that killed 44 soldiers of the Indian Central Reserve Police Force in Indian Kashmir. The "Yoga in Daily Life" community expresses their sincerecondolences and deepest sympathies to the families whose husbands, sons, brothers and friends died in this incident. 

This sad occasion is meant to be a call to all people with goodwill to act to prevent such a terrible thing from happening again. Promoting world peace and Ahimsa (nonviolence) is the best way to do this. Today, more than ever, we are aware of the seriousness of the moment we live in and urgent need for world peace. We need to bring love and respect to our consciousness to heal the wounds that have been around for so long.


Therefore, Vishwaguruji Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda calls on all yoga teachers, members and students of "Yoga in Daily Life"throughout the world to stand up again for peace and against violence. All are invited to organize Peace Prayers by lighting candles around the Peace Trees Vishwaguruji has planted with you all over the world, to remind the victims of the Pulwama attack and their families to whom we convey our grief and compassion, and at the same time extend mantras and prayers for World Peace. Invite your community and the Indian community of your city to join these prayers to spread peace, tolerance and non-violence as the only viable future of humanity. 


Choose a date for this public World Peace Prayer according to your schedules – preferably on the coming weekend, before Mahashivaratri (March 4) – and invite representatives of Indian Embassies in your countries and other community representatives to attend this solemn event. 


We look forward to lighting the Peace Candles together,


On behalf of the

International Yoga in Daily Life - Fellowship and

Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council