Welcome to Yoga in Daily Life Wellington, Sri Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram

Our spacious studio is located near the centre of this beautiful capital in a quiet building, away from the main street noise, and is kept at a comfortable temperature, offering a pleasant environment for your practice with all necessary facilities for your comfort.  

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We are OPEN. 



Reduced Timetable - combination of Virtual Yoga Classes and Walk in Yoga Classes

Updated 19/5/2020.

Morning   6.30am Sunrise Yoga (60 min.)   6.30am Sunrise Yoga (60 min.)   8.30am Level 2-5    (60 min.)


        10am Restorative Yoga Class  (60 min.) Koha   10am Yoga for All  (90 min.)   
 Morning Online  ONLINE 10am*  Yoga & Meditation (90 min.) Swami Dayalpuri (Auckland)        ONLINE 10am*  Yoga & Meditation (90 min.) Swami Dayalpuri (Auckland)        
Lunchtime 12.15pm Lunchtime Yoga Class (60 min.)     12.15pm Lunchtime Yoga Class (45 min.)     12.15pm Lunchtime Yoga Class (60 min.)      
Afternoon 5.45pm Yoga for All (75 min.) 5.45pm Beginners Yoga (90 min.) 5.45pm Level 2-5  (75 min.)  6pm Back & Neck Care  (60 min.)   5.30pm Relaxation & Meditation with David (60 min.)    
Afternoon Online ONLINE 5.30pm* General Yoga Class (75 min.) Swami Madhuram (Kapiti)   ONLINE  4pm* Beginners and Back & Neck class (75 min.) Swami Madhuram (Kapiti) ONLINE   4pm* Beginners and Back & Neck class (75 min.) Swami Madhuram (Kapiti) ONLINE 4pm* Yoga Nidra (45min.) Swami Madhuram (Kapiti)  
 Evening    7.30pm Gentle Yoga (75 min.)  7.30pm Level 2 - 3  (60 min.)   
 Evening Online ONLINE 7pm* Satsang with Swami Madhuram (Kapiti)  ONLINE 8pm* Meditation Swami Madhuram (Kapiti)       
   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday Saturday  Sunday
* indicates a virtual class accessable via Zoom - please contact us to be sent an invitation.  (email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


CLASS FEES- drop-in rate

90 & 75 min class:      $18 | $15 concession
60 & 45  min class:     $15 | $13 concession


1 week trial: $25 (on and from day of first visit)
Weekly pass (Mon. to Sunday) $30
1 month: $100
Automatic monthly payment: $80  
3 months: $270 | $250 concession
12 months: $800


10 class cards:
90 & 75 min classes: $150 | $120 concession (valid 12 months from first use)
60 & 45 min classes: $120 | $100 concession (valid 12 months from first use)
6 class cards:
only for 90 & 75 min classes: $90 | $72 concession (valid 6 months from first use)


Yoga in Daily Life account:  03-0578-0110564-00.
Please include your name & a reference donation. 

Things I need to know when I start Yoga click here


 Address: 23 Jessie Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011

(04) 801-7012