Yoga Levels

"Yoga in Daily Life " offers a comprehensive system of techniques, practices and methods for the attainment of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Nowadays greater stress and tension is placed upon almost every area of life, methods for the... more>

Self-Inquiry Meditation

"Self-Inquiry Meditation" helps us to attain Self-Knowledge through self-control and self-development. Its goal is to experience and realise the Divine Self within. more>


Conscious and deliberate control and regulation of the breath. With each breath we absorb not only oxygen, but also Prana. Prana is cosmic energy, the power in the Universe that creates, preserves and changes. more>

Yoga Nidra and Relaxation

Moments of Divine Bliss. The rest and regeneration you give your physical and mental bodies allows you to archive more and progress on the Spiritual path. Relaxation doesn't mean being lazy, in fact it's far from it. more>

Hatha Yoga Kriyas

Hatha Yoga is the path of practice and purification - internal, as well as external. HA-THA, also means sun and moon and refers to the union and harmony of these principles. There are six main purification techniques. more>


Energy centres through which the Cosmic energy flows into the human body. The practice of “Yoga in Daily Life” can awaken these centres. The Chakras have a significant influence on several levels of our being. more>


Bandha means to lock, close-off, to stop. In the practice of a Bandha, the energy flow to a particular area of the body is blocked. When the Bandha is released, this causes the energy to flood more strongly through the body with an increased pressure. more>

Therapeutic Effects

Yoga in Daily Life is recognised in Universities, Hospitals and schools around the globe as a scientific System for health and healing. Learn more about how Yoga in Daily Life can assist you in recovering from almost every illness. more>

Special Conditions

If you have a specific problem area, find out what Asanas are the most beneficial for rehabilitation. Postures are classified into sections for specific areas of the body – joints, hips, back, neck and so on. more>