Classes Auckland

10 week Yoga Course for Beginners

Tuesdays: 6.15 - 7.45pm
Starting: 22 June 2021

10 week course for $150/*$130 (concession price for seniors, students & holders of service community cards)
Prmotion: reduced price for those who have already done the course with us: $130 / *$110 

For this course we require booking.
09-550 8040

The Beginners Courses are suitable for those with no experience of Yoga, or if you are coming back to your practice after a break. 

Level 1 - 2 

Wednesdays: 10 - 11.15am, Discount class for $10, drop in  (Level 1 - 2- 3)
Fridays: 9.30 - 10.45am, drop in, $18
Sundays: 9 - 10.15am, drop in, $18

Class is for everyone, according to your level of ability and experience. Specially suitable for beginners.

Sunrise Yoga

Wonderful start to the day with a 60 minute yoga class, awakening and energising body and mind, preparing ourselves for daily duties and challenges.

Mondays & Thursdays: 6.30-7.30am
Saturdays: 7.45 - 8.45am
Possibility to come as "drop - in"

Price: $15 per session or passes/concessions cards