Classes Auckland

Yoga Basics 

The fisrt level (out of eight) is practised and known as Sarva Hita Asanas ("good for everyone"). These exercises are of benefit to all people and all parts of the body. The Sarva Hita Asanas help us to attain integral wellbeing, as they bring body, mind and soul into balance. Anyone from any age group, regardless of physical condition, can perform these exercises. They prepare your body for further Yoga exercises.

Mondays: 5.30-6.30pm, in studio
Ongoing drop-in class, no need to book
Price: $16 per session or 10 class card $140 (valid for 3 months from first use)

Full Moon Meditation

The moon is closely connected with nature. According the yoga science, all that we are doing on the day of full moon is much more intense than on other days. Therefore we shall especially try to think positively, to use friendly words and to act well.It is also very spiritual day, ideal for meditation. You are most welcome to join us and experience it on yourself.

Thursday: 7.45pm - 8.30pm
Online & in studio | By donation 

Level 3

Level 3 continues with more advanced postures that build on all the previous exercises learnt, if you have systematically followed them you will find these Asanas easy and energising. 

Starting on Tuesday 26 September at 5.30pm | 10 weeks $160 

Level 4

The Level 4 asanas and practices are advanced, and thus require a more concentrated and slow practice, with this the influence deepens. Each asana has a regulatory effect on the organs and glandular systems, the effects unfold during the asana and also during the short relaxation between each asana. 

Thursdays: 5.15 - 6.05pm, in studio only
for experiences practitioners with regular practice
Drop in $16 or 10 class card for $140