Classes Auckland

Back & Neck Care Class

Classes focused on Back & Neck Care from the System YOGA IN DAILY LIFE are well-known in Europe for assisting in recovery from back pain, poor posture and neck stiffness.  

Thursdays: 5-6pm

Ongoing drop-in class, no need to book
Price: $15 per session or 10 class card $130 (valid for 3 months from first use)

Discount Class: Level 3 - 5

Level 3  - 5 continues with more advanced postures that build on all the previous exercises learnt, if you have systematically followed them you will find these Asanas easy and energising. 

Mondays: 7-8.30pm , $10
drop in class, no booking required, for experiences practitioners

Yoga Nidra & Pranayama & Introduction to Meditation

Thursdays 6.15 - 7.15pm, drop in $15

Thursdays's evening class designed for those who need to relax, recharge and re - harmonise at the end of the day.
After Yoga Nidra we will continue with Nadi Shodhana Pranayama and then practise a number of Meditation techniques from Yoga in Daily Life - The System. 

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Gentle Yoga
A gentle class for when you are recovering from illness or injury, are feeling elderly or infirm, or if you just prefer a slower, more cautious pace.

Tuesdays: 9.30 - 10.45am ($5 for all above 65 +)
Saturdays: 10.45 - 12pm

Ongoing drop-in class, no need to book