Classes Auckland

Prenatal Yoga

You will experience immense benefits of yoga practice during pregnancy.


Saturdays: 10.45 - 12.00pm

Ongoing drop-in class, no need to book.


Yoga Nidra


Also called "The deep sleep of the Yogi". Yoga Nidra is an efficient method for stress relief and has an immense rejuvenating effect. 


Fridays: 5.00 - 5.45pm, $10

Ongoing drop-in class, no need to book


Back & Neck Care Class

Classes focused on Back & Neck Care from the System YOGA IN DAILY LIFE are well-known in Europe for assisting in recovery from back pain, poor posture and neck stiffness.  

Thursdays: 5-6pm, drop in class

Level 3 - 4

Level 3  - 4 continues with more advanced postures that build on all the previous exercises learnt, if you have systematically followed them you will find these Asanas easy and energising. 

Wednesdays: 5-6pm
drop in class, no booking required, for experiences practitioners