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Full Moon Meditation

Thursday 21 March 2019: 7.45m - 8.30pm 
Free of charge
The moon is closely connected with nature. According the yoga science, all that we are doing on the day of full moon is much more intense than on other days. Therefore we shall especially try to think positively, to use friendly words and to act well.It is also very spiritual day, ideal for meditation. You are most welcome to join us and experience it on yourself.Free of charges

Chakras revealed - with renowned yoga master Viswaguruji

by renowned yoga master Vishwaguru Swamiji Maheshwarananda, the author of Yoga in Daily Life System who has travelled throughout the world, tirelessly spreading the philosophy, science and techniques of Yoga Vedanta according to the teachings of his masters from India, which he has developed into the system known as Yoga in Daily Life.

Tuesday 12 of March  - Friday 15 of March