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Mini workshop on Anzac Day Holiday

Extending your yoga practice with this Mini Workshop on ANZAC Day Holiday:
 "Relaxation as conscious process":

Learn various techniques to relax yourself:
- Asanas & Certain Pranayamas
- Relaxation alterning tensing and relaxing of muscles
- Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique
- Chanting of Mantras

"To know how to relax means that you are able to relax within half minute - whenever and whever you want".

Monday: 26 April 9.00am - 11am
$25 / *$20 (*reduced prices for holders of Monthly Pass with Automatic Payment)

This event requires booking, please enquire.

6 week Yoga Beginners Courses in 2021

6 week Yoga Beginners Courses in 2021

Saturday 10.45- 12.15pm (once a week)
Starting: 24 April 2021

Thursday 6.15 - 7.45pm (once a week)
Starting 8 April 2021

6 week course for $108/$90  conc. (includes 2 bonus classes to use within the course to get faster into the practice.) Possibility to be using 10 class concession card.

For this course we require booking.
09-550 8040

The Beginners Courses are suitable for those with no experience of Yoga, or if you are coming back to your practice after a break.