Wednesday 8-9pm | Starts 6 oct 2021 | $60
6 week course, please book online or via email/phone.

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After some consideration we have decided to start a Meditation Course on Wednesday 8-9pm. It is relatively short course, only for 6 weeks but will give you a great foundations for your Meditation practice. The goals we have set for this course are: 

- to understand the principles of meditation practice
- to be able to sit comfortably and still
- the ability to follow a basic meditation technique independently
- to establish a regular home meditation practice
- to be inspired to further develop knowledge and skills in meditation

Benefits from regular practice of meditation

1. You are more productive. You get more done in less time, using less energy—and you enjoy the process! You spend an hour doing what would have required at least two or three before you adopted a daily meditation practice. Best of all, during that hour, you find yourself needing to invest only a fraction of the mental and physical energy you would have needed to invest before.

2. You are less stressed out. You are calmer and your anxiety levels are lower. Stressful events and circumstances have less and less of an effect on your peace of mind and happiness. You have fewer concerns and fears about your future, and you know they will continue to soften, and eventually disintegrate completely. The knot of anxiety in your stomach (if you had one before) has loosened and is almost or completely gone.

Now and then, you feel yourself tighten up inside when something seems amiss or worrisome – but that's the point! You feel yourself tighten up – you notice what’s happening in your body! You experience it as something you can change. In fact, you seem to be able to loosen up almost immediately simply by noticing how you're feeling and deciding to feel differently.

3. You love yourself more. Your acceptance of yourself and others increases and continues to grow. You feel and show greater love and tolerance for yourself and other people, and you have a healthier sense of self worth, which continues to increase as the weeks turn into months.

6 weeks once per week $60

For this course we require bookings. You can book online here, or send us money via bank transfer to Yoga in Daily Life, 03-0578-0110564-01. 
Online booking: