Wednesday 8-9pm | Starts 17 April 2024 | $75
6 week course, please book online or via email/phone.

Meditation grass2

The goals we have set for this course are: 

- to understand the principles of meditation practice
- to be able to sit comfortably and still
- the ability to follow a basic meditation technique independently
- to establish a regular home meditation practice
- to be inspired to further develop knowledge and skills in meditation

The Self-Inquiry Meditation begins with the question: “How am I?” in order to eventually discover the answer to life’s most fundamental question: “Who am I?”

In the practice of meditation we gain spiritual knowledge (Para Vidya), which is eternal and unchanging, greatly differing from intellectual knowledge (Apara Vidya). Spiritual knowledge cannot be taught, it can only be gained by one’s own experience.

6 weeks once per week $75

For this course we require bookings. You can book online here, or send us money via bank transfer to Yoga in Daily Life, 03-0578-0110564-01. 
Online booking: