Kapiti News

6 Week Beginners Yoga Course

Wednesday: 7.30-9pm
Starts Wednesday 23rd January 2019 | Open for bookings.
For this course we require booking. 
6 week Beginners Course suitable for those with no experience of  Yoga, or if you are coming back to your practice after a break. 

Yoga for Back & Neck

Tuesday: 7.30-9pm | 6 sessions for $90 prepaid, or $16 each class. 
Next Starting date: 22 January 2019
This class is designed for those who experience discomfort or limitations in their back, shoulders or neck and was designed in cooperation with physiotherapists and medical doctors. 

Chakras Revealed with Viswaguruji - the author of YIDL

For the past 45 years Vishwaguruji Swami Maheshwarananda, the author of Yoga in Daily Life System has travelled throughout the world, tirelessly spreading the philosophy, science and techniques of Yoga Vedanta according to the teachings of his masters from India, which he has developed into the system known as Yoga in Daily Life
This year Vishwaguruji is going to talk about Chakras.  2 evenings at our Raumati ashram | Talks & Meditations

4 Week Meditation Course

Tuesday 6-7pm | Starts 5 Feb 2019 | $40
4 Week Course, please book 

Using simple techniques, the teacher will guide you into Self-Inquiry Meditation - suitable for all, including beginners.