Sarva Hita Asanas Part 1


  • Anandasana
  • Abdominal Breath Exercise
  • Stretching the Body
  • Turning the Head
  • Twisting with Legs Bent
  • Rolling Sideways with Legs Bent
  • Shoulder Raising
  • Shoulder Circling
  • Shoulder Circling with Arms Bent
  • Crossing the Arms above the Head
  • Bending and Straightening the Arms
  • Weight Shifting
  • Tensing the Calf
  • Anandasana
  • Pavana Muktasana
  • Half Butterfly
  • Marjari
  • Khatu Pranam
  • Anandasana
  • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama Level 1
  • Self - Inquiry Meditation

For details about how to practice these exercises please follow this link or alternatively you can buy our YIDL System book at your closest Yoga in Daily Life Centre, or order online.